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Activities and General Guidelines

Try to apply these general guidelines to your everyday routine.

Avoid getting contaminated water into your eyes for 7 days.  This includes water from bathtubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzi, sauna, lakes, and the ocean.

When you shower, you may wash your hair and your face with your eyes closed.  Avoid the stream of water hitting you directly in the eyes.

Dry your eyelids by gently dabbing.

No eye make-up for 7 days.  After the 7th day, you may wear eye make-up but be very gentle when removing it—no rubbing.

Do not sleep with pets in your bed for 24 hours after the treatment.  Make sure to clean bed linens after removing the pets from your bedroom prior to surgery.

Light exercise is okay following the treatment, but heavy workouts should be curtailed for a couple of days. It is always recommended that you wear protective eyewear for racquet sports and contact sports, and you must wear eye protection for at least 2 weeks.

Wear ultraviolet sunglasses when outdoors.

If in doubt about activities you can or cannot do as well as any questions about these general guidelines, please call your patient counselor.

Patient Forms

For your convenience, please download, print and complete the appropriate forms below and bring them with you to your appointment.

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